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About John Lavido

Soft and sensual. Hard and fast. When you have a date with John Lavido, you know you’re in for a seductive treat.

Let him whisk you away into a world of bliss...

It begins with a soft caress and ends in a climax... or three. What happens in between... well, that’s anyone’s guess.

The only thing you need to know is that John will take you to the edge and back again, over and over, teasing you relentlessly until you’re begging for release.

He says it’s all about riding the wave of energy and emotion inside you. The secret is to surrender completely.

Surrender to the music. Let it fill you up from head to toe. Let it pump deep inside your veins. Let it tie you up and spank you until you’re red in the face.

Then, just when you think you’re about to pass out, relax completely as the climax of the song washes over you.

One thing's for sure... after riding a John Lavido song, you'll be begging for more.

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