Are You Ready For This?

ultra music festival 2016

Do you love great music (especially electronic dance music)?

Or perhaps you’re a musician and you’re trying to market your songs and/or band?

Either way, you’ll love what I’m going to do here.

Here’s the big idea –

Most band and musician websites  are a couple pages with an embedded music player. It’s boring and repetitive, and therefore, if you do things that way, you’ll never stand out or get the attention you deserve.

Fans and music lovers are sick of the dime ‘o dozen musicians who all say the same thing… “Pleaaaase listen to my music. It’s really good. I promise.”.


I want to stand out, and that means I need to do something different.

That’s why I’m going to be lifting the curtains on my journey, and showing you what I’m doing. From the marketing campaigns I’m running, to my daily routine, to how I find inspiration, and finally, to the MUSIC SWEET MUSIC (since that’s the whole point).

To be completely transparent, my goal is to have you show up, subscribe and follow my journey (and I hope that as a result, you’ll gradually come to love my music, and share it with everyone you know).

This will make things more interesting for the music lovers, as well as give my fellow aspiring musicians ideas on how to market their music.

Progress Updates

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