What would a Back In Black remix sound like? (August 2017 Update)

…so in an effort to find a sexier, dirtier, more “rock n’ roll” sound that’s still sort of electronic and “EDM-y”, I decided to remix Back In Black by the legendary Australian rock band in August.

The remix is far from finished, but here’s a quick teaser if you’re interested:

My goal is to keep the original vibe, but put my own spin on it and dial the production up so it could work in a club.

In July, I just about finished a collaboration with the one and only Josh Le Tissier. ELY’s back with another sultry vocal line. Coming soon.

I’m thinking that in terms of the overall sound and brand, I might need to change up the name “John Lavido”.

“Lavido” isn’t the best surname for an artist (it’s easy to misspell, it sounds like a different word, and I don’t think it really fits an aggressive rock n’ roll sound/brand). Though I’m not making any changes yet… I’m still John Lavido for the time being. Just wanted to give you a heads up on the journey as it evolves. Once I’ve gotten a clearer grasp on my “sound”, I’ll probably make some branding changes to reflect it.

Lastly, I’ve put Soundgym on hold, as I’ve reached “better than 97.4% of users”, so I figured my time would be better spent elsewhere. I’ve borrowed some DJ decks from a friend, and now I’m teaching myself to DJ this month. Once he gets back to town, I’ll give him the decks back, and may switch to singing lessons for my practice time.

What’s new with you?


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