June 2017 Update (Plus, How To Finish Songs Faster)

Let’s get straight into it… first, the video, then, the post… Total fan count grew from 5,215 to 6,879… again, mostly via Twitter and Instagram marketing. I’ve decided to discontinue the Twitter and Instagram marketing, as I’m not convinced it’s making a significant dent in the marketing. Yes, it boosts fan count, but some (or […]

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May 2017 Update – On Collaborations, The Music/Life Balance and a Wearable Subwoofer

collaborations and subpac

Total fan count grew from 3,828 to 5,215… mostly via Twitter and Instagram marketing, as well as my EDMProd.com guest post: As you can see, the growth slowed a little. That’s because the Instagram and Twitter marketing doesn’t scale exponentially. Plus, the traffic from the guest post is dying down. New track is almost done… it began […]

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Progress Update February 2017 – NEW Track, How To Study Songwriting And An EDM Case Study

john lavido progress update february 2017

My total fan count grew from 315 to 579, an increase of 83.81%. The main growth came from Facebook. I invited everyone on my Facebook friends list to “like” the John Lavido Facebook Page. Twitter and Instagram also contributed to the jump. Most importantly, another 27 people joined the email list. I’ve said it before and […]

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