The Heartbeat OUT NOW (Future House Track)

syntorial synth tutorials hyperbits

The Heartbeat OUT NOW! Today’s agenda: write daily blog post for watch Hyperbits video on builds smash Syntorial tutorials Syntorial is interesting. It’s an interactive synth tutorial program. They explain a specific control, like the amp envelope attack. Then they play a sound and you have to figure out how to make it using […]

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The Lousy “Secret” To Music Success

The Lousy Secret To Music Success

3 hours a day. 5 days a week. That’s my goal with music at the moment. 3 hours of a “deep work” every day. This deep work refers to production work, writing these posts, building distribution lists (for marketing my music), and other intensive tasks. It does not include social media or email. Sure, I […]

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Clarity Trumps Persuasion (Stop Trying To Motivate Yourself And Just Get Clear On What You Actually Want)

clarity trumps persuasion motivation

Clarity trumps persuasion. It’s a saying from the copywriting and marketing world. The idea is that when you’re trying to sell something, it’s better to be clear instead of persuasive. When most people think about selling, they think it’s about hype. It’s the “best” in the industry. It’s “guaranteed” to “increase your results by 1,000%”. […]

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