Got Problems? No You Don’t (November 2017 Update)


I said it.

There’s no such thing as a “problem”.

Then what do you call all the things that you hate about your life right now?


This is what I’ve been thinking about lately, both with my music career, my business, and my life as a whole.

It’s so easy to cry and complain about our problems and challenges, but it’s irrational. The truth is that the so-called problems are just stepping stones on the path to our goals and dreams.

If you’re trying to become a respected and widely-known artist, you need to get used to criticism, both of your music and other aspects of your life, because criticism shows you what direction to go in, and what works.

The same goes for business, health, relationships, and every other area of your life.

Problems are just feedback. It’s just data. Data that tells us whether our current approach is working, or whether it needs to be modified.

Now, if you’re living in the midst of a war-torn country or the middle of the Amazon jungle, then please ignore me.

But if you’re reading this email, you’re probably quite alright, and your so-called “problems” are not really problems at all.

Of course, you CAN call them problems, however if you do that, you’ll just feel depressed.

Anyway, like I said, this is just something I’m thinking about lately, and I wanted to share it.

But enough of that.

Long time, no speak, right?

It’s been about 2 months since I last emailed, and I feel a bit guilty.

The truth is that I got caught up with business, and music took a back seat. It’s still mostly in the backseat, but I’m doing music when I can, and I’ll be doing more and more over the coming months.

Unfortunately, I’ve got no finished tracks for you today, but I can share a few incomplete ideas with you…

What do you think? How do you like the rock n’ roll idea? I’d like to do more stuff like that. Big, festival trap designed for a huge crowd and a big stage, but with bluesy guitar, or maybe just bluesy leads and melodies (NGHTMRE’s On The Run pulls this off nicely).

I also started singing lessons (with a DIY course from Ken Tamplin) because I want to sing on my tracks and bring some gritty rock n’ roll feels.

I’ve got two tracks that I’m about to finish, so you’ll hear from me again soon. One is a feel good EDM banger, and the other is a mix of trap, blues and maybe even a hip hop vibe. You’ll see.

What’s new with you?

– John

P.S. I’m also loving Gary V’s videos.

Here’s one of my favorites.

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