September 2017 Progress Update – Back In Black Remix

Like I mentioned last month, I’m trying to develop a sexier, dirtier, more “rock n’ roll” sound that’s still sort of electronic and “EDM-y”, and planned on remixing Back In Black by AC/DC.

Check out the original teaser here first, and then listen to the final remix here.

How’d I do? Does it make you feel something? Good or bad?

So far, people either love it or hate it…

I’m excited with how it turned out, but I know that it might have trouble finding a home in the music industry.

Is it rock?

Is it EDM?

Something else?

Commercial prospects aside, I think it’s a good first step in the direction I want to go in. It gets at the dirtiness and grittiness of rock n’ roll, while maintaining some of the “bigness” of EDM. I haven’t finalized my next track, but I think I’d like to work in some real guitar, alongside a more typical EDM drop.

Like this, but also different. More bluesy, but the same sort of trap drop… without the classic horns.

Stay tuned for that.

Got some other tricks up my sleeve, but I’ll reveal them when the time is right.

How’s your month been? Anything new?

John Lavido

ps. if you like my Back In Black remix, I would LOVE it if you could share it on FB, Soundcloud, or whatever your favorite platform is. without you, this song won’t go anywhere.

here are the links for each platform:

let me know if you share it so I can go like it 🙂

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